Conditions of Use

§ 1 General
The following contract conditions apply to Olga Delmer, and the customers of that shop. The customer is required to provide details requested on the order form (name, address etc.), truthfully and as complete as possible; any damage or expense resulting from false or incorrect information provided by the customer, becomes the sole responsibility of the customer.

§ 2 Contract
(1) The online offers present a non-binding invitation to buy the products.
After registering your data and clicking the order button, you enter a binding offer to conclude a sales contract.
By the receipt confirmation per e-mail it is simultaneously an acceptance of the offer and  the purchase agreement is completed with it.

§ 3 Contract text
The contract along with details of the article is stored by us. You have no online access to the contract text.

§ 4 Corrections
You can correct your input any time before submitting the order. We inform you on the way through the checkout process about your prescription options.

§ 5 Returning Costs
You have to bear the cost of return in the case of cancellation if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered ones and if the price of the commodity is below 40, - € or in case of a higher price if the goods were not paid/partly paid before the revocation. You have to bear only the regular cost of the return. Additional costs for example caused by a change of our place of residence or if we want to use more expensive transportation services are at our expense.

§ 6 Warranty
The warranty is based on the standard law.

§ 7 Property Rights
All products remain the property of until full payment has been received inclusive all shipping charges.

§ 8 Payment
Standard payment and delivery terms are in effect.

§ 9 Right of Use
(1) None of the picture materials published on our website may be copied, processed or published elsewhere without our consent.
(2) Our art prints may only be used for interior deisgn and decoration. Reproduction or use in the media requires our prior consent.
(3) The customer is not authorized to produce, reproduce or sell the goods from themselves or to commission such actions from third parties.

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