About Olgarts

                                                                                Olga Delmer


I am a scientist and I had nothing but the regular art lessons in school. Nevertheless, ever since I can remember I have loved painting and drawing. After finishing high school I decided to study natural science, since it seemed to be the right way to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. After finishing my chemistry studies at the University of Stuttgart (with honors) and earning a Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, I realized that something was missing in my life. During my studies I never really had the time I needed for the truly important things - feelings and emotions, the things which make us human. Emotions are the counterpart to the logical and calculating world of the science.

Olgarts.de was created principally for two reasons: first, out of a sort of obligation to share something wonderful and to remind the world of all the beauty of human emotions through these paintings; second, an essential part of the gains generated by this project will flow into support for social projects, specially into education and protection of the environment – two causes that are dear to me.



The subject of the paintings is human emotions. The best way to convey emotions by art is nude painting – expressions of uncovered bodies and faces talk in a very impressive language.

The reflection on the body and the light itself are other fascinating points which are indispensable here - a sort of interaction between the internal world of the model and the external world surrounding her. When hanging the paintings the source of natural light in the room should be considered. If the lighting direction shown in the painting corresponds to the position of the source of light in the room an additional magical effect on the observer can be created.

High-quality art reproductions on canvas are available in three formats: as charcoal drawings, pastel drawings and pastel paintings. All of them are snapshots of the painting process, in which the final result is the pastel painting.

According to tastes and desires one can also combine several pictures with each other.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case of special requests.

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